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My opinion on the Leofoto LN-284CT Carbon tripod

A while ago, I was asked to give my detailed opinion on the Leofoto LN-284CT Carbon tripod. When it comes to tripods, I'm not really bound to any brand, so I was open to getting acquainted with this tripod brand that was new to me. In order to be able to test the tripod in the best possible way, we...

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Sander Poppe - Leofoto Brand ambassador

9 Reasons to Choose a Leofoto Tripod!

Working with a tripod has many advantages. It provides more stability and tranquillity in your images and you can be just that little bit more creative with your shutter speeds. However, tripods also have their disadvantages. They are often quite heavy, which can make it a challenge to bring them with you.

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Leofoto Brand Ambassador Gertjan Onvlee - Poolvos

Travelling with the Leofoto Ranger LS-365C

A tripod offers a photographer more possibilities to take interesting and creative photos. However, it is always worth considering whether to bring a tripod. Reasons like ‘Too heavy' or 'clumsy size' are often mentioned to leave the tripod at home anyway. A carbon tripod is the solution.

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