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Leofoto Brand Ambassador - Alexander Koenders

Alexander Koenders

The Netherlands

Alexander Koenders is a wildlife photographer in heart and soul. His specializations are animal photography, macro and landscapes. In addition to being an active user of our Lowepro camera bags and Leofoto tripods, Alexander is also an Olympus ambassador.

Leofoto Ambassadors - Atelesfilms

Ateles Films

The Netherlands

Michael J. Sanderson and Ana Luísa Santos together form Ateles Films. Ateles Films focuses on themes such as wildlife, nature and climate. With film recordings in more than 50 countries, they have many years of experience in the photo and film profession. Their own productions are broadcast on BBC, National Geographic, NHK Japan and France, among others.

Leofoto Ambassador - Edwin Giesbers

Edwin Giesbers

The Netherlands

Edwin Giesbers has been a full-time professional nature photographer for more than 10 years. You can find his photography in various media such as BBC Wildlife Magazine and National Geographic Magazine. With various images he won international awards such as 'European Nature Photographer of the Year'. Edwin is happy to use his Lowepro bag and Leofoto tripod.

Leofoto Ambassador - Erik Hageman

Erik Hageman

The Netherlands

Erik Hageman has developed in recent years from an enthusiastic iPhone photographer to a travel photographer with a passion for urban environments and architecture. From Dutch cities such as Amsterdam and Haarlem to destinations further afield, such as New York and Hong Kong, Erik is always looking for special lines or a composition that is slightly different.

Leofoto Ambassador - Ferry Knijn

Ferry Knijn

The Netherlands

Ferry Knijn is an international reporter and portrait photographer. His portraits are powerful and characterize his own style. To be able to work quickly on location, he uses among others the compact flashes from Nissin and a tripod from Leofoto.

Leofoto Ambassador - Frantisek-Zvardon

Frantisek Zvardon

Czech Republic

Born in the Czech Republic, Frantisek Zvardon has been based in Strasbourg for over 20 years. He became a full-time photographer after graduating from the School of Photography and Philosophy of Brno and Prague, and has worked with magazines and publishers all over the world.

Leofoto Ambassador - Gertjan Onvlee

Gertjan Onvlee

The Netherlands

Gertjan Onvlee is a passionate wildlife and landscape photographer. In recent years he has focused primarily on the High North (Scandinavia). A good tripod is essential for Gertjan. He uses a portable but very stable model from Leofoto (LS-365C and LH-55 Ballhead).

Leofoto Ambassador - Marcel Kerdijk

Marcel Kerdijk

The Netherlands

When Marcel Kerdijk first started photographing with an SLR camera in 2007, he became fascinated by its possibilities. In his photography, he has developed a great passion for capturing landscapes. For him, photography is not just taking a photo, it is the adventure of going out and seeing the tranquility and purity of the landscape.

Leofoto Ambassador - Marc Alhadef

Marc Alhadeff


Marc Alhadeff is a photographer based in Brussels and specialized in model photography and nude photography. Although he often uses existing light in his photography, Nissin's flashes also regularly come out of the bag for creative lighting.

Leofoto Ambassador - Mich Buschman

Mich Buschman

The Netherlands

Mich Buschman is a very experienced human photographer from Garderen. For many years he has been making beautiful portraits of anyone who wants to come in front of his lens, in his studio or on location. For many years, Mich was a teacher at the Foto Vakschool in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

Leofoto Ambassador - Patrick Trécul

Patrick Trécul


Patrick Trécul is both a guide and naturalist photographer in France. His favorite subjects are the birds, insects and landscapes of the Atlantic coast. He chose Leofoto tripods to accompany him in a wide variety of conditions.

Leofoto Ambassador - Roy Poots

Roy Poots

The Netherlands

Roy has focused on photographing cityscapes and landscapes. For Roy, the ultimate moment for city landscapes is the moment when artificial lighting just comes on so that the sky is not too dark. With landscapes Roy tries to find the most beautiful light around sunrise and sunset. He also tries to catch the light in a creative way through filters and his Leofoto tripod.

Leofoto Ambassador - Ruediger Shestag

Ruediger Shestag


Ruediger Shestag is a professional photographer and photography teacher. He can express his creativity in the profession in the broadest sense of the word: whether it concerns concert photography, a professional portrait, or a fashion photo shoot, Ruediger feels at home in all markets.

Leofoto Ambassador - Sander Poppe

Sander Poppe

The Netherlands

Sander Poppe is an enthusiastic photographer specialized in landscape photography. He lives near the Dutch Kinderdijk where he regularly comes to record this. His Leofoto tripod also offers the required stability and his Lowepro bag helps protect the equipment.

Leofoto Ambassador - Vincent Croce

Vincent Croce

The Netherlands

Vincent Croce belongs to the new generation of landscape photographers who have developed their passion for the profession through the use of social media, and in particular Instagram. In his photography, Vincent always tries to let natural light play the leading role. This gives his photos a certain mysterious and magical atmosphere, without going 'over the top'.