Leofoto warranty conditions

Leofoto products are covered by a general warranty period of 10 years from the date of purchase, unless specifically stated otherwise on the product warranty card. Electronics are only covered by a legal warranty period of 24 months.

These warranty terms apply only to products purchased from our dealers or supplied directly by us. For products not supplied by us (directly or through our dealer network), we cannot provide warranty service. Please contact the selling party for this.

Defective products

Leofoto defective products must be returned at all times to our service center for evaluation along with a copy of a valid proof of purchase. Please note: Do not send products to our service center until you have registered the defective product on our website. If you are unclear, please contact the support team using the contact form. The defective product will be repaired if possible, in other cases another solution will be provided.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs incurred to ship the product to our service center are your responsibility. We will cover the shipping costs to return the repaired product to you.

Warranty Limitations

No guarantee can be given under a number of circumstances:

  • No valid proof of purchase will be provided;
  • Damage caused carelessness: including but not limited to overloading, misuse, abuse, accidents, sand, corrosive substances, drop damage, water damage or failure to follow operating instructions.
  • Damage to the equipment due to modification of the product;
  • Damage caused by natural disasters (including, but not limited to, fires, floods or earthquakes).

This warranty also does not cover defects or costs caused by:

  • Damage caused by falling and/or bumping as well as any damage caused to equipment or other possessions of the user, are excluded from entitlement to replacement.
  • Repairs or modifications made by third parties or repairs or modifications made in a workshop not authorized by the manufacturer.

We reserve the right to repair or replace defective parts during the warranty period at our discretion. The warranty provisions apply only to the Leofoto product. The warranty is not transferable.

Using the guarantee service

If you want to use the warranty service, please register the product first. This way we can handle the problem as smoothly and quickly as possible during the receipt of the product. The product should be packaged carefully to avoid the risk of damage during transport. Please include with the product a description of the problem, a copy of a valid proof of purchase and your contact information on the best method to contact you. Products returned without a request number and clear indication outside on the box will be refused. After we receive and evaluate the product, we will contact you to discuss service options.

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