1. Ranger LS-365C + PG-1 Full Camo kit - Designed to not to be seen

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    The Leofoto Ranger LS-365C + PG-1 Full Camo Gimbal head kit is a stable and high-quality tripod package specially designed for nature photographers, which due to its light weight is easy to carry on even longer shooting trips.

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  2. Leofoto's perfect panorama accessories

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    Walking around with expensive photo equipment and a cheap tripod, I myself did it for years. Until a moment when I simply did not want to carry the tripod anymore. It was too big and heavy. And that was really a shame, because your pictures just get better when you use a tripod.

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  3. Testing the Leofoto LS-285C carbon tripod in Iceland

    Header blog LS-285C

    As a travelling landscape photographer, I am looking for a perfect balanced tripod. My definition of this is a tripod light enough to take with you on a long hike of several hours, but sturdy and heavy enough to be stable in all conditions.

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  4. Ranger RF-324C – My ideal tripod to take with me on mountain trips

    Review Ranger RF-324C Robert Bilos
    Taking really good, vibration-free photos is only possible with a tripod. As a frequent traveller, you should look for an ideal travel tripod. There is only one way to achieve all my requirements: a carbon tripod.
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  5. Leofoto Ranger LS-324C + LH-40 review by Edwin Giesbers

    Review Leofoto Ranger LS-324C + LH-40 by Edwin Giesbers
    After decades of experience with tripods from brands like Manfrotto, Benro and Gitzo, I was very curious about the Leofoto tripods.
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  6. Summit LM-324C - a tripod is a landscape photographer's best tool

    Review Leofoto Summit LM-324C
    Besides a camera, it is probably the tool I use most as a landscape photographer: my tripod! A good tripod is not only important for protecting your camera, but also for getting the best quality out of your photos.
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  7. Innovative MT-03 mini tripod with ball head that fits into every photo bag

    Header blog MT-03

    A mini tripod makes indoor and outdoor work much easier and fits into any photo bag without getting in the way. Whether you are shooting product photography, creating macro close-ups, using long exposure times or roaming the city at night!

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  8. A solid foundation for astrophotography starts with a good tripod.

    A solid foundation for astrophotography starts with a good tripod.
    For astrophotography, it is absolutely necessary to work with a stable tripod. You need a tripod that is stable at this weight and there should really be no vibrations.

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  9. Leofoto Quick Release Strap - a carrying strap for your tripod

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    For me, my tripod is an important part of my equipment that I rely on as a photographer. Attaching a carrying strap to your tripod makes it possible to carry the tripod easily when it is not attached to my bag.

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  10. Leofoto Summit LM-324C - review by Olof Fredrikze

    Leofoto Summit LM-324C - review by Olof Fredrikze
    Leofoto Summit LM-324C: Looking at the composition in peace. A tripod, I like to use it. I am a real tripod enthusiast. Or: I have become an aficionado, because I used to photograph almost everything by hand.

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