Official Leofoto Ambassadors
Leofoto Ambassador Adrian Rohnfelder

Adrian Rohnfelder

Leofoto Ambassador

Adrian Rohnfelder is an internationally awarded and publishing photographer, author and lecturer. He has a passion for nature in its most extreme form. He travels to the most heavenly and hellish places on earth in search of fire-breathing volcanoes and exploding thunderstorms.

Leofoto Ambassador Alexander Koenders

Alexander Koenders

Leofoto Ambassador

Alexander Koenders is a wildlife photographer in heart and soul. His specializations are animal photography, macro and landscapes. Alexander is besides active user of our Lowepro camera bags and Leofoto tripods also an Olympus ambassador.

Leofoto Ambassador Antoine Denis

Antoine Denis

Leofoto Ambassador

Antoine Denis is a french landscape photographer. He travels all around Europe to catch beautiful lights in his camera. Passionate about nature, Antoine is specialized in long exposure photographs. That's why he always uses a Leofoto tripod during his hikes.

Leofoto Ambassador Ateles Films

Ateles Films

Leofoto Ambassador

Michael J. Sanderson and Ana Luísa Santos together form Ateles Films. Ateles Films focuses on the themes of wildlife, nature and climate. With film shoots in more than 50 countries, they have years of experience in the business.

Leofoto Ambassador Betere Landschapsfoto

Betere Landschapsfoto

Leofoto Ambassador

Frank Geraedts ARPS and Yvonne Nieuwkerk have formed Betere Landschapsfoto together since the end of 2015. Betere Landschapsfoto is specialised in landscape photography, coastal photography and macro photography.

Leofoto Ambassador Dominic Verhulst

Dominic Verhulst

Leofoto Ambassador

Dominic Verhulst is a Belgian photographer currently based in Los Angeles and Berlin. His work focuses mainly on reportage and documentary photography for magazines, both corporate and editorial.

Leofoto Ambassador Edwin Giesbers

Edwin Giesbers

Leofoto Ambassador

Edwin Giesbers has been a full-time professional nature photographer for over 10 years. His photography can be found in various media such as BBC Wildlife Magazine and National Geographic Magazine. With several images he won international awards such as 'European Nature Photographer of the Year'.

Leofoto Ambassador Erik Hageman

Erik Hageman

Leofoto Ambassador

In recent years, Erik Hageman has developed from an enthusiastic iPhone photographer to a travel photographer with a passion for urban environments and architecture. Erik is always on the lookout for unusual lines or a composition that is just that little bit different.

Leofoto Ambassador Ferry Knijn

Ferry Knijn

Leofoto Ambassador

Ferry Knijn is an international reportage and portrait photographer. His portraits are powerful and characterize his own style. To be able to work fast on location, he uses among others the compact flash units of Nissin and a tripod of Leofoto.

Leofoto Ambassador Frantisek Zvardon

Frantisek Zvardon

Leofoto Ambassador

Born in the Czech Republic, Frantisek ZVARDON has been based in Strasbourg for over 20 years. He became a full-time photographer after graduating from the School of Photography and Philosophy of Brno and Prague, and has worked with magazines and publishers all over the world.

Leofoto Ambassador Gertjan Onvlee

Gertjan Onvlee

Leofoto Ambassador

Gertjan Onvlee is a passionate wildlife and landscape photographer. In recent years he has been focusing mainly on the High North (Scandinavia). A good tripod is indispensable for Gertjan. He uses a portable but very stable model from Leofoto (LS-365C and ball head LH-55)

Leofoto Ambassador Henk Vanetie

Henk Vanetie

Leofoto Ambassador

Henk Vanetie, born and bred in Nijmegen, is the founder of Fotowandeling Nijmegen. He organises photography walks and workshops through the centre of Nijmegen and in the surrounding nature reserves, with the aim of teaching participants something about photography.

Leofoto Ambassador Marc Alhadeff

Marc Alhadeff

Leofoto Ambassador

Marc Alhadeff is a photographer based in Brussels who specialises in model and nude photography. He often uses existing light and his Leofoto tripod in his photography.

Leofoto Ambassador Marcel Kerdijk

Marcel Kerdijk

Leofoto Ambassador

When Marcel Kerdijk started photographing with an SLR camera for the first time in 2007, he became fascinated by its possibilities. In his photography, he has developed a great passion for capturing landscapes, for which he travels regularly.

Leofoto Ambassador Mich Buschman

Mich Buschman

Leofoto Ambassador

Mich Buschman is a very experienced people photographer from Garderen. For many years he makes beautiful portraits of anyone who wants to come in front of his lens, in his studio or on location. Mich was for many years a teacher at the Foto Vakschool in Apeldoorn. Nowadays he regularly organizes photo workshops.