Official Leofoto Ambassadors
Leofoto Ambassador Ateles Films

Ateles Films

Leofoto Ambassador

Michael J. Sanderson and Ana Luísa Santos together form Ateles Films. Ateles Films focuses on the themes of wildlife, nature and climate. With film shoots in more than 50 countries, they have years of experience in the business.

Leofoto Ambassador Betere Landschapsfoto

Betere Landschapsfoto

Leofoto Ambassador

Frank Geraedts ARPS and Yvonne Nieuwkerk have formed Betere Landschapsfoto together since the end of 2015. Betere Landschapsfoto is specialised in landscape photography, coastal photography and macro photography.

Leofoto Ambassador Dominic Verhulst

Dominic Verhulst

Leofoto Ambassador

Dominic Verhulst is a Belgian photographer currently based in Los Angeles and Berlin. His work focuses mainly on reportage and documentary photography for magazines, both corporate and editorial.

Leofoto Ambassador Edwin Giesbers

Edwin Giesbers

Leofoto Ambassador

Edwin Giesbers has been a full-time professional nature photographer for over 10 years. His photography can be found in various media such as BBC Wildlife Magazine and National Geographic Magazine. With several images he won international awards such as 'European Nature Photographer of the Year'.

Leofoto Ambassador Roy Poots

Roy Poots

Leofoto Ambassador

Roy has concentrated on photographing cityscapes and landscapes. The ultimate moment for Roy with cityscapes is the moment when the artificial lighting is just turned on so that the sky is not too dark yet. For landscapes, Roy tries to find the best light around sunrise and sunset.

Leofoto Ambassador Vincent Croce

Vincent Croce

Leofoto Ambassador

Vincent Croce belongs to the new generation of landscape photographers who have developed their passion for the profession through the use of social media, and especially Instagram. In his photography, Vincent always tries to let the natural light play the leading role.

Leofoto Ambassador Patrick Trécul

Patrick Trécul

Leofoto Ambassador

Si j'ai commencé à travailler avec Leofoto en 2019, c'est avant tout parceque je trouve que les trépieds de la marque ont le meilleur rapport qualité/prix du marché. Je suis en particulier un grand fan des trépieds de la gamme Ranger, du tout petit LS-223C au "gros" LS-365C pour leur robustesse, leurs poids et la facilité avec laquelle on peut les nettoyer.

Leofoto Ambassador Francis Bompard

Francis Bompard

Leofoto Ambassador

Francis Bompard is a professional photographer specializing in sports photography, especially ski racing & wildlife. With nine Olympic Winter Games and eighteen Alpine Skiing World Championships to his credit, he is one of the oldest photographers in the white circus.

Leofoto Ambassador Maxima Aliaga

Maxima Aliaga

Leofoto Ambassador

Maxime Aliaga est un photographe animalier professionnel spécialisé dans la conservation des espèces en danger. Il utilise ces images et ses histoires afin de sensibiliser le public à la nécessité de protéger notre environnement naturel. Il utilise les trépieds robustes et légers de Leofoto qui le suivent partout dans ces aventures.

Leofoto Ambassador Phil Garcia

Phil Garcia

Leofoto Ambassador

My name is Phil Garcia and I’m a professional nature photographer living in the north of Iceland, close to the Arctic Circle. Along the last 10 years, I’ve been specialising in studying and photographing the Arctic fox, an elusive inhabitant of those rough and cold lands.

Leofoto Ambassador Vincent Marcolla

Vincent Marcolla

Leofoto Ambassador

Born & raised in Paris, Vincent is a passionate photographer who has started to shoot architecture and historical buildings in his home city. Obviously Paris is his playground and living in the city center makes it pretty easy to go out and shoot cityscapes. This city offers countless possibilities and so many photo spots as well as great street photo opportunities.

Leofoto Ambassador Nohcab Photographie

Nohcab Photographie

Leofoto Ambassador

Laura and Mathieu are two French photographers living in the north of France. They share their work as travel and landscape photographers on their social networks.

Leofoto Ambassador Leo Fontanel

Leo Fontanel

Leofoto Ambassador

I am a professional photographer based in Brittany, France, passionate about Fine Art architecture and landscapes. I use long exposure techniques almost systematically, which is why stability is crucial in my work. I trust the Hiker LN-324CH tripod, a sturdy companion that meets my daily requirements.