They exist! 5 lightweight travel tripods with enormous load-bearing capacity

When you want to buy a travel tripod, you have to ask yourself two questions: what weight should it be able to carry and in what situation will it mainly be used? A compact and lightweight tripod undoubtedly has its advantages, but because of its thin legs and small tripod head, it is more suitable for light DSLRs and handy system cameras.

If you work with larger cameras and heavy full frame lenses, you need more strength to shoot stably. Especially with very high resolution cameras, even small movements are easily visible on the photo. A classic, stable tripod then seems an obvious choice. Fortunately, there are special travel tripods that combine compact dimensions with extensive equipment.

5 lightweight travel tripods with enormous load-bearing capacity
5 lightweight travel tripods with enormous load-bearing capacity

Stable and lightweight travel tripod

When designing travel tripods, the emphasis is on the convenient size and the lowest possible weight. Travel tripods have shorter and thinner legs and require more parts to extend than normal tripods. Leofoto solved the issue of weight versus strength by adding ten layers of carbon to their tripod legs. As a result, these tripods are very stable and yet portable. In addition, the load-bearing capacity of the models mentioned in this blog is high to very high. Ideal if you are traveling with a larger format digital SLR camera with accompanying lenses.

What you should look for when purchasing a travel tripod

Tripod head

Travel tripods are often equipped with a ballhead. If you like to photograph landscapes, the head should have a separate panoramic axis. In addition, we recommend a head that equipped with a quick-release plate with slip protection. Another handy feature is a spirit level, which ensures that the camera can be positioned perfectly.


A rubber layer around at least one of the legs promotes carrying comfort. At very low, but certainly also at very high temperatures, you will quickly find out how pleasant this coating is.

Stability hooks

Light travel tripods quickly wobble in the wind. With the stability hooks, you can make the tripod more stable with some extra weight.

Quick assembly

In the travel tripod genre, most manufacturers provide the tripods with adjusting screws, as this is the quickest way to assemble and retract the tripods. Tripods with clamps are an exception.

Tripod feet

Almost all tripods have rubber feet. Many are even equipped with spikes that can come in handy when the ground is soft.

The Leofoto MT-01 travel tripod.
The Leofoto MT-01 tripod.

1. The Leofoto MT-01 tripod.

The MT-01 is a mini tripod, made of high-quality, hardened aircraft aluminium. The load-bearing capacity without ballhead is a very impressive 50 kilos if you fully unfold the legs. The tripod legs are finished in clear aluminium and fitted with rubber feet for maximum grip on any surface. You can expand it with, for example, the Leofoto LH-25 ballhead.

Leofoto Summit LM-362C travel tripod
The Leofoto Summit LM-362C tripod for heavier cameras.

2. The Leofoto Summit LM-362C tripod for heavier cameras.

This tripod is intended for heavy-duty SLR, system and medium format cameras. The tripod legs consist of two sections with diameters of 36 and 32 mm. The tripod has rubber feet, but a set of spikes is included so you can use the tripod on any surface. This makes the tripod a real must-have for professionals who work with heavy equipment. This model is specifically intended for people who want to photograph low to the ground or who want to place their tripod on a rock, for example.

The Leofoto LX-225CT lightweight travel tripod.
The Leofoto LX-225CT lightweight travel tripod.

3. The Leofoto Urban LX-225CT lightweight tripod with XB-32Q ballhead

With a folded length of 33 cm, this lightweight travel stand is very compact and easy to carry. Despite being so compact, it still has a considerable working height of up to 137 centimetres. Because of the reversible centre column, the minimum working height is 18 centimetres, so you have a tripod for a wide variety of possibilities. The carbon legs are slim but can carry up to 6 kilos.

The Leofoto Ranger LS-253CM travel tripod with ballhead LH-30.
The Leofoto Ranger LS-253CM tripod with ballhead LH-30.

4. The Leofoto Ranger LS-253CM tripod with ballhead LH-30

This tripod is easy to carry, sturdy and durable. The included ballhead is just as versatile as the tripod itself. It rotates 360° horizontally and 90° vertically, has a built-in spirit level and is adjustable with a sturdy wing nut.

The Leofoto LN-324CH tripod with tiltable legs.
The Leofoto LN-324CH travel tripod with tiltable legs.

5. The Leofoto LN-324CH tripod with tiltable legs.

This tripod is a bonus tip for professional travel photographers who want a little more variety. The three-position tiltable legs of this carbon tripod allow you to work very low to the ground, but when you turn over the removable centre column, you can only really work on top of your subject for macro photography, for example. This is a heavy-duty tripod, which is shown by its solid construction and the removable tripod feet, which can be replaced by stainless steel spikes

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Leofoto: The best price-quality

Leofoto is a brand by Zhongshan Laitu photographic Equipment Co. Ltd, based in Guangdong. The company was founded in 2014 and has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers in photographic equipment in China. The company supplies high-quality aluminium and carbon tripods, together with tripod accessories like ballheads, quick release clamps and L-plates, all for a very competitive price. Innovation and quality are Leofoto's pillars. The factories and test centers are equipped with motivated employees who use their experience and enthusiasm to transform Leofoto tripods and accessories into the best equipment you can get.

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