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10-year warranty

Not 2, not 5 but 10 years warranty. Because the Leofoto tripods are of such good quality, they will last a very long time. Register your Leofoto tripod today.

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Register your Leofoto tripod today and get 10-years warranty.

10-layers carbon

Leofoto tripods are made of 10 layers of carbon, which makes them incredible strong and still light weight. All whilst keeping their perfect stability.

To serve you Better

Register your Leofoto tripod today and get 10-years warranty.

Thousands of users

In Europe alone there are already thousands of happy Leofoto tripod users. We share their love for photography or videography and good products.

To serve you Better

Register your Leofoto tripod today and get 10-years warranty.


Latest Review

A tripod offers a photographer more possibilities to take interesting and creative photos. However, it is always worth considering whether to bring a tripod. Reasons like ‘Too heavy' or 'clumsy size' are often mentioned to leave the tripod at home anyway. A carbon tripod is the solution.

As a photographer you want to make it as pleasant as possible for yourself in these situations to keep going all day, and to be able to take that one unique picture. One of the most important things here is trust. You have to have confidence in your own knowledge and experience, but above all you have to have confidence in the gear you use.
Despite the fact that Leofoto is a relatively young brand in the wide world of tripods, their products have a 'mature' appearance though. The build quality, the choice of materials and the feeling you get when you pick up the tripods are revealing. They feel very, very solid!
On the first day in the mountains it became clear to me that this tripod would not stay at home for eight days! During the climbs I noticed that the extra weight on the side of my bag felt less than expected. This even gave me the opportunity to bring a thermos with coffee (also very important). Perfect!
As an all-round nature photographer I became enthusiastic about this combination! The combination of the LS-365C tripod and the LH-55 ball head gives me the sturdiness, durability, flexibility and above all reliability that I am looking for in a tripod.

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Leofoto Ambassador - Gertjan Onvlee

Gertjan Onvlee

The Netherlands

Gertjan Onvlee is a passionate wildlife and landscape photographer. In recent years he has focused primarily on the High North (Scandinavia). A good tripod is essential for Gertjan. He uses a portable but very stable model from Leofoto (LS-365C and LH-55 Ballhead).

Leofoto Ambassador - Vincent Croce

Vincent Croce

The Netherlands

Vincent Croce belongs to the new generation of landscape photographers who have developed their passion for the profession through the use of social media, and in particular Instagram. In his photography, Vincent always tries to let natural light play the leading role.

Leofoto Ambassador - Edwin Giesbers

Edwin Giesbers

The Netherlands

Edwin Giesbers has been a full-time professional nature photographer for more than 10 years. You can find his photography in various media such as BBC Wildlife Magazine and National Geographic Magazine. With various images he won international awards such as 'European Nature Photographer of the Year'. Edwin is happy to use his Lowepro bag and Leofoto tripod.