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Register your Leofoto Carbon tripod and claim your 10-year warranty!

10-year warranty

Not 2, not 5 but 10 years warranty. Because the Leofoto tripods are of such good quality, they will last a very long time. Register your Leofoto tripod today.

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Register your Leofoto tripod today and get 10-years warranty.

10-layers carbon

Leofoto tripods are made of 10 layers of carbon, which makes them incredible strong and still light weight. All whilst keeping their perfect stability.

To serve you Better

Register your Leofoto tripod today and get 10-years warranty.

Thousands of users

In Europe alone there are already thousands of happy Leofoto tripod users. We share their love for photography or videography and good products.

To serve you Better

Register your Leofoto tripod today and get 10-years warranty.

How to choose your Leofoto tripod?
Leofoto is a booming tripod brand with tripods made of carbon and tripod accessories. They have a broad and diverse assortment, as there are many different types of photographers, each with their own wishes. Currently, more than 45 different Leofoto tripods are available on the market. How to find the perfect carbon tripod that suits you, among all these tripods? We will explain how to quickly navigate through the Leofoto assortment!
Carbon fibre tripods are very popular among photographers. This is easy to understand, because the carbon will not oxidise under influence of (sea)water and oxygen, which makes the tripods quite durable. They are extremely strong, light-weight tripods that are able to handle some impact.
It should be noted that the Leofoto tripods are good quality and not even very expensive in comparison with other brands. The special feature of the Leofoto carbon tripods is that they are manufactured from 10 layers of cross-over woven carbon. This is two to four layers more than other tripod brands. These additional layers make the carbon even stronger, more stable and dampen even more vibrations!
Leofoto has more than 45 different carbon tripods and in terms of naming the tripods are very much alike. How to determine the difference between an LS-324C, an LM-365C and an LX-254CT tripod? This is easy: the naming of a tripod is based on the specifications of the tripod. The names are thus structured logically.
Leofoto has a number of different tripod series, each with unique features. The letters in the tripod name indicate which series the tripod belongs to. For instance, all tripods of the Ranger-series start with the letters LS, and the tripods from the Urban series start with LX.
The three digits in the name should be read in two parts. The first two digits explain more about the diameter of the thickest leg section of the tripod. For instance, the first (upper) leg section of the LS-365C has a diameter of 36 mm.

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Our brand ambassadors

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Leofoto Ambassador - Gertjan Onvlee

Gertjan Onvlee

The Netherlands

Gertjan Onvlee is a passionate wildlife and landscape photographer. In recent years he has focused primarily on the High North (Scandinavia). A good tripod is essential for Gertjan. He uses a portable but very stable model from Leofoto (LS-365C and LH-55 Ballhead).

Leofoto Ambassador - Frantisek-Zvardon

Frantisek Zvardon

Czech Republic

Born in the Czech Republic, Frantisek Zvardon has been based in Strasbourg for over 20 years. He became a full-time photographer after graduating from the School of Photography and Philosophy of Brno and Prague, and has worked with magazines and publishers all over the world.

Leofoto Ambassador - Patrick Trécul

Patrick Trécul


Patrick Trécul is both a guide and naturalist photographer in France. His favorite subjects are the birds, insects and landscapes of the Atlantic coast. He chose Leofoto tripods to accompany him in a wide variety of conditions.